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Landmark Financial Group – Realty To Reality

Each passing day, the amount of land mass in cities is dipping but the demand shows no signs of slowing down. Buying a home is a dream comes true for all. Behind this dream, there stands a harsh and unavoidable reality. For an average person, it takes years of hard work, sacrifice and compromise on lifestyle and patience to come up with a decent amount of savings to buy this dream home. For people like us, it is like unlocking the next level in life. There are many prerequisites to buying a home. Other than the humungous amount of investment that one has to make, a lot of due diligence is involved on part of the buyer. The buyer must understand the real estate market. He must be well versed with the nuances of the mortgage sector. The current trends in property related investment scenario. Sounds like a lot. This is where we come into the picture. We simplify. We provide you with all this data, all facts and figures, knowledge of the real estate sector, the current investment scenarios, etc.

We are Landmark Financial Group, the top real estate agent Montreal has to offer. We have a team of competent and dedicated real estate and mortgage professionals who are at your disposal to help you with all your property, finance and mortgage needs. We have our core values imbibed in our work culture. What sets us apart from the rest of the competition is that we work for you and have your personal interests at mind. Unlike most real estate agents and brokers who work for personal gains, we have the clients best interests at mind. We do not liaise or affiliate with large, multinational financial institutions. We are a completely independent entity. We are not influenced by a handful of lenders.

This allows us to provide the best mortgage rate Montreal can afford to indulge in. We provide you with dozens of financial lenders and institutions to choose from to suit your specific property needs. We do not differentiate between our clients. Our services remain the same, for the smallest customer to our biggest client. Whether it be your first home or weekend getaway in the country, or maybe even a chalet in the mountains, our wide range of services covers all possible realty avenues.

We pride ourselves on being the top real estate agent Montreal has to offer. We have professionals who can help you with buying a new property, refinance an existing property, getting your mortgage renewed, Reverse mortgages, renovations and redesigning for your home, etc. We provide all information and advice on our products and services free of cost and you are under no obligation to avail of our services thereafter. We work outside the normal banking hours which makes us more reachable. With the wide variety of products and services we offer, we are more flexible rather than what the bank specialists can offer you. Do go through our website and check out information about all our services. We are just a phone call away.

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