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Max Fawcett: Look at your own real estate addiction before you laugh at Alberta’s oil drop

If you were ever unsure about the zeal with which the universe tends to punish hubris, well, you need only look to Alberta these days for a reminder. After all, it wasn’t that long ago that both provincial and federal political leaders from Alberta were proclaiming their province as the economic engine of the country, one with horsepower to spare and a lifetime warranty. It had massive deposits of oil, the expertise and capital needed to get it out of the ground and a global economy that was willing to pay for as much of it as Alberta could provide. And while there were a few voices at the periphery arguing that having all of the province’s proverbial chips laid on one particular craps table might not be the most prudent idea, you could barely hear them over the din of the players and onlookers whose bets were all paying off at once.

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