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CAAMP announces rebrand, new name

The industry association announced a rebranding initiative, a new name, and a new slogan at the opening ceremonies of its national conference in Toronto, Monday morning.

“Something was missing,” Cindy Freiman, director of marketing and communications at CAAMP, told hundreds of brokers in attendance at the opening ceremony. “We had made all these changes but our brand was tired.”

With that in mind, the national association overhauled the brand and renamed itself Mortgage Professionals Canada. Its slogan is “we broker results.”

The process was put in motion last January; by February they had chosen Jeff Swystun of Swystun Communications to help with the rebrand. Swystun is known for his branding efforts behind Viagra. Past clients include Volkswagen, McDonalds, IKEA, and Pepsi.

“The name must … represent the entire membership,” Swystun said during the ceremony, noting that only 20% of CAAMP members hold the AMP designation. “The brand needed some help.

“We created a new brand … (and we) started with penning a new story.”

According to Freiman, the rebranding cost $6 per member.

For his part, former CAAMP Chair Dan Putnam said the board realized it needed a new brand, one that was unified and raised awareness in the broker channel.

“It’s been an exciting project,” he said. “Your board kept an open mind and asked lots of questions.”

CAAMP was able to keep the news under wraps, providing a sneak peak to past chairs last week.

Early sentiment about the change is positive among brokers.

“I think it’s a good thing,” Michael Mullis, a Broker with The Mortgage Teacher, told MortgageBroker News.ca. “I used to struggle to explain CAAMP.”

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