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Loan Insurance

If you’ve taken out a personal loan, a mortgage loan or a personal line of credit through Landmark Financial Group, you’re on your way to making your dreams come true. And by protecting yourself with loan insurance, you can ensure that your dream will live on, even if the unexpected happens. In addition to life and disability coverage, mortgage loan critical illness insurance is offered through our lenders. This insurance takes care of your mortgage, during and after your recovery, so you can focus on the business of getting better.

In the event of death, your loan is automatically repaid*
With loan insurance, your loan will be paid in full in the event of your death. Your premium is calculated, based on your age and the loan amount, and remains fixed for the duration of the loan. You can sign up for loan insurance at any time.

Mortgage loan critical illness insurance – Take advantage of life after ilness!*
A new insurance product, critical illness insurance will repay the balance of the insured’s mortgage in the event he or she is diagnosed with one of three critical illnesses: cancer, stroke and heart attack. These illnesses are among the most common in Canada. New medical advances and better living conditions mean that more and more people are recovering from critical illnesses. However, the road to recovery can be long and costly. Although this type of coverage has only been available in North America for a few years, it is enjoying growing popularity. It is designed to meet your financial needs when you survive a critical illness and wish to resume a normal life. To take advantage of life after illness! This coverage also includes accidental dismemberment insurance, which ensures the partial or total repayment of your mortgage in the event of a serious accident that causes irreversible damage to your bodily integrity.

Get solid protection for a few dollars per month*
It costs only a few dollars a month to insure your loans. For greater convenience, your premiums are deducted automatically each month from your bank account.

*Please bear in mind that files are considered case by case.