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Mortgage Comparison Chart

Mortgage Loans1

Variable Rates
  • Generate interest savings
  • 5 year term
  • Closed loans
When interest rates fall, variable-rate mortgages generate interest savings.


Variable Rate Mortgage
  • Advantageous interest rate.
Money-Saver Mortgage
  • Reduced interest rate on fixed-rate mortgage with a three-month term.
Capped Variable-Rate Mortgage
  • Protection against rate increases
  • Capped rate determined at the beginning of the term
Strategy-5 Mortgage2
  • Very attractive rate reduction for the 1st year
  • Attractive rate reduction for the next 4 years
Fixed Rate
  • Offers stable payments
  • Terms vary from 3 months to 10 years
  • Open or closed loans
1 Subject to credit approval by Landmark Group.
2 Certain conditions apply.  The rate for the Strategy-5 Mortgage is the interest rate for residential mortgages with a fixed rate and a closed one-year term; this rate is adjusted annually on the anniversary date of the loan and based on the rate then in effect.
New: It is now possible to integrate a mortgage loan in the mortgage line of credit.
Mortgage Loan Solution Option
  • Package for the self-employed