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Why choose a Real Estate and Mortgage Broker?

  • A Real Estate or mortgage broker works for you rather than large financial institutions. They in turn are working to keep you satisfied.
  • A Real Estate and mortgage broker agency offers products from a wide range of different financial institutions to fit your personal financial needs.
  • With a wide variety of products, the products real estate and mortgage brokers offer are flexible rather than the few a bank specialist can offer you.
  • Because a Real Estate and mortgage broker does not work for an explicit lender, you are guaranteed to get neutral advice.
  • As a Real Estate and mortgage broker agency, Landmark Group offers advice, knowledge, and experience to convey the best possible rates from different lenders for you.
  • If there are any conventional financing costs, the Landmark Group will advise you up front.
  • At Landmark Group, we have good knowledge of the current day-to-day Real Estate and mortgage market and we know the different type and terms of loans that lenders are attracted to.


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