Tala Sleiman

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  • 2017-01-07
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Managing Director of Operations Real Estate Mortgage Broker

ala, a corporate and real estate lawyer, is equipped with a great deal of experience in real estate law, management and financing. She became a Mortgage Development Manager in 2007 and joined the National Bank in summer of 2008. Previously, she was a well respected real estate agent in the Montreal West Island area.
Having taken numerous courses, she has succeeded in perfecting her knowledge in mortgage financing and investment by keeping up to date with the latest developments and intricacies. Tala’s skill at communicating (and perfect multilingualism) and advising the public in an proficient and logical manner. These qualities go hand in hand with her natural ability at excelling in customer satisfaction which make her perfect to lead your mortgage financing projects. Her passion, professionalism, devotion, integrity and honesty will be a asset in helping you find the perfect mortgage financing and investment options.