Careers at Landmark Group

WANTED: Ambitious Real Estate and Mortgage Specialists!


Available: Exciting Careers at Landmark Group


If you have ever thought about being a Real Estate or Mortgage Broker or if you are currently a ‘struggling’ loan specialist – Landmark Group has an AMAZING opportunity for you. Substantially increase your income while increasing your leisure time!


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You will receive support through our unique and innovative office systems and specialized team approach. Unlike most Real Estate or Mortgage officers who work all by themselves, at Landmark, we have a team of specialists who have a specific role to play in the process of moving a loan package to closing. Our loan processors are highly experienced, which will FREE you to focus on the leads that you will receive. We take care of the advertising, the support staff, and the latest technology, so you can concentrate on doing the most profitable and fun: helping borrowers get the best loan possible.


If you are ambitious, hard-working, and serious about having a full-time career, and you also have the commitment and self-discipline to benefit from this unique opportunity, then contact us today.


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